Sing the song feel the long.

மதயானைக் கூட்டம்

Matha Yaanai Koottam Movie Song Lyrics | மதயானைக் கூட்டம் திடைப்பட பாடல் வரிகள்
Starring Kathir, Oviya
Music ByN. R. Raghunanthan
Lyric By Yegathasi
SingersG. V. Prakash Kumar
Year 2013
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Madha Yaanai Koottam (Tamil: மதயானைக் கூட்டம்) is a 2013 Indian Tamil family drama-thriller film written and directed by Vikram Sugumaran who was a former assistant of Balu Mahendra and dialogue writer of Aadukalam. The film produced by G. V. Prakash Kumar features newcomer Kathir and Oviya in the lead roles. The film's soundtrack and background score were composed by N. R. Raghunanthan.

The film revolves around the family of Jaikodi Thevar, who has two wives. The first wife Sevanamma (Viji Chandrasekhar), and her brother is shown to develop a rivalry with the second wife and her children (Parthiban (Kathir) and Prema (Ammu)) with Veera Thevar (Vela Ramamoorthy). Parthiban, meanwhile, develops affection for Ritu (Oviya), who he first meets at her sister's nursing college and later convinces her to stay at his house due to ragging issues at the college hostel. Jaikodi Thevar dies unexpectedly after a heart attack, a day after Prema's marriage from his second marriage. The second wife and his children, Prema and Parthiban, are kept away from the rituals performed after death, under the pretence that the relatives would not attend the death ceremony and his last respects will be left due by his brother-in-law. Parthiban decides to stay away from the last rites, so his father's death ceremony is organised with all due respects he deserves. Boologarasa (Kalaiyarasan), the stepbrother of Parthiban, guilt-suck that his stepbrother and stepmother were kept away during his father's death, invites Parthiban to the 16th day ritual that is organised for his dead father. After initial procrastination, Parthiban decides to attend the 16th day ritual. Bologorasa's maternal uncle's son along with his allies involves in word tussle with Parthiban and Boologarasa being not very pleased with Parthiban's presence at the ritual. This eventually turns into fight, as for self-defence, Parthiban pushes away Boologarasa's cousin, who lands on to a sharp knife and dies at the spot. Parthiban escapes from the spot to save his life. In order to avenge for his son's death, Sevanamma's brother plans to kill him. Sevanamma initially understands that Parthiban is not at fault and he did this to save his step-brother. She continuously hints him of her brothers plans to kill him. Who escapes to Kerala, where Ritu now lives. Sevannamma confronted by his brother, decides to bring Parthiban out by poisonning her rival/co-wife (Parthiban's mother) who currently lives with Sevannamma. This brings Parthiban to his dead mom, where he is being killed after he performs his last rites to his dead mother. The film ends with a scene where Sevannamma is shown crying out loud with guilt soaked in the blood of Parthiban.