J. Livingston, commonly credited by his mononym Livingston, is an Indian actor, comedian and screenwriter who usually plays in supporting and comedy roles in Tamil films. He is credited as Ranjan in his earlier films such as Captain Prabhakaran (1991) and Sundara Purushan (1996) and is well known for playing the role of Natraj in the critically acclaimed Tamil movie Sollamale (1998), where he was paired with actress Kausalya.

His first starring role was in Poonthotta Kaavalkaaran (1988). He started out playing villains and graduated to playing lead roles with Sundara Purushan (1996), Sollamale (1998), Viralukketha Veekkam (1999), En Purushan Kuzhandhai Maadhiri (2001) and Engalukkum Kaalam Varum (2001) are other films in which he has appeared in lead roles. He also wrote the screenplay for the movies Kanni Rasi (1985) and Kaakki Sattai (1985) along with G.M Kumar.

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