Srinidhi Venkatesh

Srinidhi Venkatesh
T. Sreenidhi (born 26 January 1990), is an eminent Carnatic Musician, Playback Singer and Music Director. Sreenidhi performed in major sabhas in India and presented her concerts in many destinations around the world. She received multiple awards and honours. Sreenidhi trained under legendary vocal stalwart Sangita Kalanidhi Dr. Nedunuri Krishnamurthy.

Sreenidhi was born in Anantapur. Her father T. Subramanyacharyulu is Carnatic Vocalist and Violinist and her mother T. Sarada is Carnatic Musician. She got her initial training by her mother as she used to sing Thyagaraja krithis and ragaalapanams, swarams in place of lullabies to the just born Sreenidhi. Her father, who is a vocal-violin exponent, nurtured her with a good authentic musical foundation. Later she trained under legendary vocal stalwart Sangita Kalanidhi Dr. Nedunuri Krishnamurthy. She is married to Venkatesh on 26 January 2015 at Hyderabad.

Sreenidhi's uncanny musical talent was discovered at a very young age of 11months. She could identify raagas and could notate any phrase of music, let it be a complex sangathi in carnatic music or a simple keychain tune. Her rare knowledge at such young age astonished both the musicians and common public. Performing career began at a very young age of 2 and half years, and it was a wonder to everyone's eyes who witnessed a baby not only notating any alaap or phrase in any raagam and recognizing the name of the raagam but also performing raagaalapanam and swarakalpanam to krithis with her Manodharmam (extempore). Right from her childhood, Sreenidhi had a habit of listening to legendary senior artists, which made her understand different baanis (styles). The encouragement and guidance from her parents made her music appreciation attain contemplative quality. Sreenidhi's perception towards music was very much influenced by her Guru Sri. Nedunuri Krishnamurthy, after coming under his tutelage.

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