Kabilan Vairamuthu

Kabilan Vairamuthu
Kabilan Vairamuthu is a multi-faceted Tamil writer from Tamil Nadu the southern state of India. He coined the word "Lifotainment" which is a seamless blend of life and entertainment. He firmly believes that any piece of creative writing has to be an agent of progressive change that influences either the self or the social.

Kabilan Vairamuthu has multiple dimensions to his writing as a poet,lyric writer,novelist and a dialogue writer. Kabilan is an engineering graduate who went on to pursue communication for social change in the school of Journalism - UQ -Australia. After serving as an executive producer for programming and current affairs in the Tamil television industry for three plus years, Kabilan is now a full time writer with the tamil film industry.He is the son of the famous Tamil poet and lyricist Vairamuthu.

Kabilan published his first book at 18. He is the author of five poetry collections, a short story collection and three novels. His novels are known for path-breaking structure and unique story backgrounds.As a writer in the information age, Kabilan introduced to his readers, the major characters of his third novel "Meinigari" through a dedicated website. This was done even before the official release of the book which is easily the first time in the history of fiction literature.

Kabilan Vairamuthu represented Tamil Nadu at the Sahitya Akademi's north eastern and southern poetry forum 2014 held in Kochi. During his college days he founded Makkal Anukka Peravai, a socio-political organization which works to address the self and social issues of the younger generation.The vision of makkal anukka peravai is to establish a political training school (P-School) in Tamil Nadu. The school once formulated will function to re-culture and professionalize the political practices of the state. The idea is to create sensible substance and a feasible platform for the youngsters to actively participate in development politics.The story of makkal anukka peravai is documented in the name of Ilaingargal Ennum Na

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