Surmukhi Raman

Surmukhi Raman
Surmukhi Raman (earlier called as Suchithra Raman), born on 15 September 1983 in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu is an Indian playback singer from Tamil Nadu. She was brought up in Pune, Maharashtra. She occasionally writes lyrics. She is one of the emerging playback singers in South India. She has done playback for more than 150 film songs in four languages including Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada. In addition, she has recorded a number of devotionals. She has performed in numerous concerts in India and abroad.

Surmukhi Raman completed her primary education in Pune, Maharashtra and higher education at Vyasa Vidhyalaya Matric Higher Secondary School in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. She studied at University of Madras. Her father S.V. Ramanan, who had been a semi classical singer in All India Radio, Indore, Madhya Pradesh. He had great influence on her singing career. As advised by music composer Colonial Cousins, her birth name Suchithra Raman was rechristened as Surmukhi Raman after the movie Modhi Vilayadu in order to avoid confusion with other singers who have similar names. Legendary Ghazal King Hariharan has chosen this name for her. The meaning of Surmukhi is face (Swara mukhi).

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