T. L. Maharajan

T. L. Maharajan
Tiruchi Loganathan Maharajan is a musician. He is a Tamil classical and Tamil playback singer. He is the eldest son of Tiruchi Loganathan, who is the very first playback singer in the Tamil Music industry. He is also the grandson of Kalaimaamani C.T Raajakaantham. T.L Maharajan hails from the Tamil Aasari (Goldsmiths) Caste's from Trichy. Aged 10, TLM acted and sang in a play called "Vallalar". His booming voice was well noted and echoed across the stage. Two years later, in the year 1967, he began a career in playback singing through the devotional movie "Thiruvarutchelvar". The song "Kaadhalagi Kasindhu", which he sang with the Legendary Simma Kuraloan T.M.Soundarraajan, composed by K.V. Mahadevan is a heart wrenching devotional number. With 50 years of experience in play back singing. This singer, who has worked with most prolific names in the Tamil Music industry, has sung the most unexpected numbers. Though he sings devotional songs most of the time, TLM has also sung songs like "Nee Kattum Selai" from "Puthiya Mannargal" "Unnai Kelai" from "Desam" "Rettajadai Rakkamma" from "Anbe Anbe", Kadhal Yogi" from "Taalam", "Buck Buck Buck" from "Parthiban Kanavu" Avanapathi (Avan Ivan). TL Maharajan, though associated with the greatness of his father, has marked a solid place for himself in the music industry worldwide. TL Maharajan has been a Judge for many singing competitions programs worldwide.

T.L Maharajan, was born to Trichy Loganathan & Rajalakshmi Loganathan. He is also the grandson of C.T Raajakaantham, who is one of the leading onscreen female jambavan during the early times in the Tamil cinema industry. He is the elder brother of Tamil playback singer, Dheepan Chakravarthy. He is also closely related to M.K Thiyagaraaja Bagavathar, who is also from the Tamil viswakarma achary[viswabramin]caste. T.L Maharajan is married to Nirmala Devi with whom he has a daughter ( Adhilakshmi Keerthana Kughaan).

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