Saran Sanjai

Saran Sanjai
Saran is an Indian film director active mainly in Tamil cinema. He was once an assistant to K. Balachander. He owns a production houses called Gemini Productions and Saran movie factory.

Saran's father T. Kulandaivelayudam worked with the directorate of examinations and many of his relatives are teachers. He finished diploma in visual communications from the College of Arts And Crafts and became an instructor in textile designing.

Saran worked as instructor for a year and, during this time, he did some work with a lady called Mohana who was art director for K. Balachander. KB was the director whom Saran admired above all others. Saran hoped this relationship would be the key to get to him.

He joined as an assistant director to KB when he was making Unnal Mudiyum Thambi with Kamal Haasan and Gemini Ganesan.

By then, Saran was also a cartoonist for Ananda Viketan. He would do this work at two in the morning, sleep for a bit and get back to work with KB by 7 am. Finally, Saran gave up working as a cartoonist because assisting KB was too demanding. And then, Saran's first film happened.

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