Yogi Babu

Yogi Babu
Yogi Babu is a South Indian Tamil film actor, who has appeared in Tamil language films. He rose to fame following his performances in Aandavan Kattalai (2016), Kolamavu Kokila (2018) and Pariyerum Perumal (2018), before becoming a regular cast member in Tamil comedy films.

Babu was first spotted by director Siddhaarth Sivasamy, when he accompanied a friend to the shoot of the comedy television series, Lollu Sabha. Intrigued by Babu's peculiar looks and physique, Ram Bala enquired if Babu wanted to become an actor and subsequently took him on board as a junior artiste. Babu also worked as an assistant director in the series, and helping write scenes for two years. He made his feature film debut in the Ameer-starrer Yogi (2009) as an aspiring actor and subsequently adapted the name of the film as a prefix for his stage name. In 2013, he appeared in his first extended comedy role with Pattathu Yaanai (2013), while he also featured in the Hindi film, Chennai Express alongside Shahrukh Khan.

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