Arjun Chandy

Arjun Chandy
Arjun Chandy is an Indo-American singer, arranger, studio vocalist and vocal group coach from Dallas, Texas. He is trained in Carnatic, Hindustani and Western music that he studied and performed for over twenty years throughout the United States, India and Singapore.

Chandy hails from a family of artists of all kinds, whether it be professional singers and musicians within Carnatic and Hindustani art forms, or scholars in the world of cinema. His infant years were spent heavily immersed in Indian classical music. During his school days, he learned to read music and studied music theory, joining the school choir. According to him, it helped to understand western classical music. When Chandy was 14, he started singing for a quartet in middle school. He attended the renowned University of North Texas music school, where he studied choral music and jazz studies.

At the age of 15, after getting involved in the world of jazz, he started working professionally, conducting and arranging music for groups in United States. Later, he became a part of The Vocal Majority in the U.S., an international award-winning vocal group. Arjun Chandy was roped in the formation of "NAFS- The Band" when A. R. Rahman called him to Chennai at the end of 2013. Chandy is presently the band's director and conductor. He spent a year post 2013 to train the band. While working the States, he also was a frequent guest professor, coach, and lecturer at many universities and music school. He credits his desire to teach from his grandmother who taught Carnatic music for many years, and his father, who is a professor of Finance.

In an interview with Seychelles News Agency, Chandy was quoted saying, "Rahman always wanted to put together a vocal band of sorts, because he loves vocal groups and harmonies, not necessarily a capella but just the sound of a group singing, even if it's a large choir, if there's vocal harmony, he's a big fan of jazz and all these things."

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