Yazin Nizar

Yazin Nizar
Yazin Nizar, also credited as Yasin (born 9 February 1990) is an award-winning Indian playback singer singing predominately in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada movies with over 250 film songs releases and live performances around India and abroad including gigs in Canada, USA, Dubai, Kuwait, Malaysia, London, Abu Dhabi etc. in various genres like film music, Rock, Sufi and Gazals.he was the winner of TV music competitions Swaralaya-kairali Gandharvasangeetham,sangeetha mahayudham, apple megastars in early years.

Yazin Nizar also credited as Yasin was born on 9 February 1990 in Kollam, Kerala. He is also the winner of Swaralaya-kairali Gandharvasangeetham, Apple megastars and sangeetha, mahayudham. He successfully completed MBA (finance and marketing) from AMIMA in 2012. Yazin was awarded With best playback singer of the year at Mirchi Music Awards 2016 For the song meghalu from the movie Kumari21F, also a two time filmfare nominee and the best upcoming singer award winner at MMA south and GAMA dubai.

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