Ambika (born 24 August 1962) is an Indian film actress known for her works predominantly in Malayalam, Tamil and Kannada films. She also did a few Telugu and English films. She was one of the top south Indian heroines for a decade from 1978 to 1989. Her younger sister Radha, was also an actress. They acted together in a number of south Indian films and during the peak of their careers,

Ambika was born in 1962 to Kunjan Nair and Sarasamma at Kallara village, located in Thiruvananthapuram district. Her mother Kallara Sarasamma was Mahila Congress leader during 2014. She has two younger sisters, Radha and Mallika, and two younger brothers, Arjun and Suresh. Ambika got married to NRI Shinu John in 1988. They have two sons and settled in America. After they divorced in 1997 she then got married again to actor Ravikanth in 2000 which also got divorced in 2002. She is currently settled in Chennai along with her sons.

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